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ANNOUNCEMENT of ENS (Entry Summary Decleration)

Dear Agent,

Effective 01.01.2012 Turkish custom authorities will start new regulations. A new Summary Declaration System, similar to the systems on purpose; ICS (Import Control System) and ECS (Export Control System) which are used for European Union since the date of 01.01.2011 will start at Turkey Customs Administrations.

The ENS system, is to include a new content to prevent loading or entrance to customs area if required, by providing risk analysis of the shipment in advance. For this reason, agents/carriers must arrange the ENS before Cargo arrive to Turkey custom area as per details and period of data transfer explained below. Every shipment entering into Turkey are to be under Entry Summary Decleration for providing communication between parties and integration between systems, registry of summary declaration information in customs system. Please see below what kind of details we will need for submition ENS to Turkish custom.


Entry Summary Declaration System Points;

¨  Summary Declaration is to be given by the Authorised Entities in Turkey.

¨  For import cargoes; the summary declarations will be notified separately for both loading & discharging ports.

The Tax number of Consignee is to be mentioned in the Summary Declaration.

In case of; consignee is “Bank” or “To Order”; title, address and tax number details of “Bank” and “To order” are to be stated exactly.

Summary Declaration, Cargo Description is to be made with 6 digits HS Code. (Detailed name of the good is to be written, general cargo description definetely won’t be  accepted.  For more information please see Excel file attached to the mail msg).

¨  For transit containers (Freights, Discharged/Arrived from foreign port and again departed/loaded to foreign port), summary declaration is to be submitted.



a) Blacksea and Mediterranean  Sea are under “SHORT SEA” scope and declaration is to be given (2) two hours before arrival of first Turkish port of the vessel.

b) For the ports outside the “SHORT SEA” scope; summary declaration is to be given at least (24) twenty four hours ago from loading to vessels.

c) For freights such as bulk and package, at least (4) four hours ago from first arrival port of Turkey Customs Region,

d) If Cargo will be transshipment from another port then ENS submition have to be with Transshipment vessel and port deails. Also time periods will will apply fort he transshipment vessel and port. For example if the vessel depart from a US port with transshipment from Cagliari/Italy, we need to submit the details of the vessel from Cagliari to Turkish port.


a)      For short flights (less than 4 hours flight time) ENS have to be submitted latest before the aircraft take off.

b)      For long distance flights (more than 4 hours flight time) ENS have to be submitted at least 4 hours before the aircraft landed to first Turkish airport.



At least 2 hours before the arriving to the first custom point of Turkey.



At least one hour before arriving to the first custom point of Turkey


The correction of declaration sent electronically:

Generally, details regarding loadings can be adjusted. However; it is subject to some provisions and requires a new risk analysis. Naturally, for this situation, the party requiring the arrangement has to be responsible for detention, inspection, delay and related charges of shipment.

In case of non-compliance , the consequences include disruption and delays of cargo

flows and supply chains, monetary fines and possible other penalties imposed on carriers and

other parties responsible for the submission of cargo declarations.


DETAILS FOR ENS SUBMITION                     

 Please see excel file attached to the mail masg. The excel file has three sheets (OCEAN SHIPMENT, AIR SHIPMENT, TRUCK SHIPMENT)

We, hereby, thank you for your support and care for the Entry Summary Declaration System. In case of any problem, do not hesitate to contact with us.

Best Regards